The Perfect Gift

fp_head_2015Welcome to FlyPower®. In case you are interested, you have now entered the only site on the Internet totally devoted to the intricacies and pursuit of fly powered avionics.

Looking for the perfect gift ?
Well, you just found it.

The gift that keeps on giving. Get your fat ass off the couch and away from the football games. Build a fly-powered airplane. It is more fun that a hot poker in the eye, and it is educational too! In fact you may even adopt a whole new attitude about learning. Give it a try and prove that what everyone is saying about you is untrue. Your’re no idiot!

If you just came into a small inheritance, or got your annual bonus from that job you hate, we hope you will purchase a Flypower Kit and/or Birthday Card , so we too can take part in the American Dream. They make great gifts, and we can Guarantee that nobody else will be giving that special someone the same thing!

FlyPower Products

FlyPower Construction Kit

Each kit includes all the material you need to make two (2) paper Airplanes……….. “Flies not included”

COST is $5.95 each

FlyPower Birthday Card (Includes Kit)


“What has six legs, two wings
and can pull an airplane ?”
“Your Birthday Present”

Each Birthday card comes with a FlyPower kit inside. “Flies not included”

COST is $7.95 each

How to Order

Order Via Email  to……..

You’ve done this before so you know what information we need….

But most importantly…. SEND US A CHECK ! and mail it to……

Tom Fetterman
1680 Hillside Rd.
Southhampton, PA 18966

NOTE: Please make checks payable to Tom Fetterman

After it clears the bank, we’ll ship your order in a plain brown paper envelope so nobody will be the wiser, because we care about your privacy. An when it arrives, just remember….Have fun !